Traditional English Paper Piecing

With some inspiration from The New Craft Society. The next two week project is to develop my English Paper Piecing skills.

What is English Paper Piecing (EPP)?
EPP is an age, old, delicate form of patchwork. Paper pieces are cut to a particular shape. (The ever so sophisticated hexagon is a simple, yet effective starting shape). The fabric folds over the paper crisp-like, which can then be hand stitched together. Although this traditional patchwork technique takes a while to build up and is fragile once done. Nothing can take away from its intricate,tenderly made appearance.

1. First cut your paper pieces. I used lined paper to made an accurate hexagon.

2. Next fold your fabric over the paper piece and baste in place.

3. Iron around your pieces ensuring all edges are crisp and precise.

4. Finally whip stitch your sides together. Here I’m making a hexagon flower as a central point then slowly building it up.

The technique is fragile, timely but the overall effect can look really worth while. I’ll post some progress snaps…watch this space.


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