Tutorial: Flat Felled Seam

A friend recently asked me how to do a ‘Flat Felled Seam’ (FFS). The FFS is a nifty way to neatly finish garments with a tidy appearance inside and out. Not as ‘darling’ as it’s Parisian cousin the French Seam, but just as elegant with an added sturdy finish. The FFS is most often found on denim with it’s iconic parallel top stitch. Here is a quick tutorial how to produce a neat Flat Felled Seam.

1. Place your fabric wrong sides together – I know what your thinking, and yes totally opposite to a standard seam.

2. Sew your seam allowance, standard is 5/8 but double check your allowance.

3. Press open and trim one side of the seam to 1/8 and neatly fold the other side’s raw edges inwards by 1/4, press and fold inwards again. You should have no raw edges showing, just a neat channel running through your fabric.

5. Finally top stitch close to the seam fold and you should be left with a neat looking seam.


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