Pantone Birthday Bunting

Fast approaching is our little person’s birthday. I wanted a colourful birthday banner with texture and something different.

The standard birthday banners I saw were either foiled and naff or lovingly made but over-priced. So with these two excuses it leaves me one thing: make your own. To start I fell for this matte fox print sheet of gift wrap

1. Print out the letters. I used font size 320pt (Rockwell) and a straight edged font

2. Glue each letter (if you reverse before you print you won’t have to face them down)

3. Stick the cut out letter onto a cardboard square. I had a pack of Pantone cards floating about so I used different colours for the drop back. You can pick up these Pantone cards for around £5-£10 – cheaper on Ebay

4. Hole punch the square, in each top corner

5. Tie together with spare ribbon or string.


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