Good in the hood

Good in the hood

Safe to say Autumn has arrived, and it’s that odd seasonal time = not quite ready for a winter coat, too cold for cardigan action. This week I brought out my old khaki mac. It’s fair to say it’s uninspiring, khaki-clone and relatively inexpensive. I thought about buying new, which had faux fur around the hood, but l want to get a good winter coat this year, so no need to have new for both. Still feeling the urge to smarten up my mac, I decided to line the hood and cuffs with my favourite Liberty Bloomsbury print. Fabric was purchased from kind Susan at Sewbox. The coat feels good, the hood is warmer, overall my coats feels like new and now I want to wear it all the time. I may decide to line the complete coat, but in two minds. I’ll add a tutorial on patterning up an inside of a hood very soon.

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