Tutorial: The Cloud Cushion

Tutorial: The Cloud Cushion

A Cloud Cushion

1. Decide your cloud size. Mine is 21 inches wide by 15 inches at the highest point.

2. Choose your main cloud fabric. This needs to be double your finished cloud size. Fold the fabric in half and on the wrong side lightly pencil round a small saucer to create your ideal cloud appearance. Tip: odd numbers work best, I used 5 overlapping saucers.

3. Cut out your cloud ensuring the bottom is a straight line, you should now have two separate cloud shapes

4. If your doing 3 raindrops tack 3 strands of string/ribbon into the bottom hem, stitch over trapping the top ends into your cloud. Knot and tie to secure.
5. Place the right sides facing each, and stitch around the sides using a 0.5mm stitch to edge gap. Important: leave a 4 inch gap to allow for stuffing.

Next your raindrops
6. Draw and cut out a raindrop shape template on paper. Place onto your chosen fabric and trim. If you’re doing 3 raindrops you should have 6 raindrop fabric pieces.
7. Put the reverse sides together and stitch around leaving a 2 inch gap for you to push in the stuffing. Important: make sure the bottom ends of the strands/ribbon you stitched into the cloud hem, are knotted and inside the raindrops securely.
Next stuff and neatly hand stitch the gaps you allowed for stuffing.

Quaint, simple and a charming present for a child or a grown-up with humor or you.

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